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I don't want your opinion.

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You are the expert! I 100% trust you.

The artist in me loves texture, layers, asymmetry, and playing with color and fonts. My lawyer brain loves details, organization and clear communication. The excitement is putting it all together to craft relevant, visually pleasing content to help non-profits and small businesses engage their target audiences. This includes easy-to-navigate websites, social media graphics, flyers and brochures, email campaigns, and presentation materials that are clean and engaging. ​

Communication at the beginning of a project is essential; I ask a lot of questions so I can be clear on my client's expectations. Clients hire me because, not only do I deliver beautiful and on-time results consistent with branding guidelines, I listen carefully to their needs and vision. I appreciate constructive feedback before the project is complete and work hard to ensure my client is pleased with the end product. 

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