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Nominate a Non-Profit

Nominate a Non-Profit


Do you know of a non-profit organization that has a website on the Wix platform that could use a makeover?

Having an online presence is important for non-profits. A website serves as a central hub where people can learn about the non-profit, its mission, its impact, and its activities. It provides credibility and legitimacy and is essential for engaging supporters, donors, and volunteers.


Charitable organizations typically have limited financial and human resources, making it challenging to develop and maintain a professional website. They may rely on volunteers or have small budgets, which can restrict their ability to invest in web development and design.

I have volunteered to redesign a number of Wix websites for non-profits and I would like to continue to do that. I enjoy using my skills to free up non-profits just a bit so they can focus on furthering their mission.


But I need your help to find worthy non-profits.

If you know of a charitable 501(c)(3) that has a Wix website that needs some TLC, please nominate it using the form below. I will reach out to the nominee and let them know about your nomination and find out how I can help their team.

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* Note: Live sites may or may not reflect the final design of Karen K. West Designs due to changes made by the site owner after site-handover.

Some of my Non-Profit Projects

Nomination Form

Thanks for nominating! I will reach out if I have additional questions.

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